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5 thoughts about bathroom design

  1. Pinterest is a magnificent and dangerous place, bathrooms are the most variable of all the household rooms (size, internal, external, accessible, budget, prone to damp, etc) so all inspirational images need to be taken with a pinch of salt and a massive dose of perspective on what is achievable in your space.

  2. There are many items that need purchased...once you take in the trim edging, waste pipes and under costed plasterers' fee that tap that seemed reasonably priced is now a luxury item that will blow the budget.

  3. Some plumbed in components just won't be able to be moved within your budget and that's ok. Seek professional advice about what is possible before purchasing anything that relies on a new position.

  4. Your bathroom, your style, no one else's opinions should be given more importance than those who will use it and pay for it.

  5. Think about where will actually get wet and tile those bits. It doesn't all need to be made splash proof. Conversely you don't want to forget about where the shower will end up spraying...

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