I'm Amy and I care about mood enhancing colours, finding ideal layouts and solving problems to the growing demands of modern living. I believe interior design should be accessible for all and that a welcoming, comfortable and practical space will enhance your way of living. 

I get excited when I see interior design enhancing the day to day. A good example of this is having the perfect height of side table next to your armchair so that your cup/glass can be easily picked up and put down - perhaps you've haven't noticed how annoying it is that you have to slightly lean out your chair to put that cup down..I could go on about this armchair issue for ages...maybe you want to pull up a (perfectly heightened) chair while I bang on about this a bit more...

Growing up being surrounded by art, performance, and history (my home town of Edinburgh is responsible for a lot of this as well as my degree in History of Art and Museum Studies) informs a lot of my my aesthetic leanings whilst my background in events and festivals, from marketing the world's biggest new year celebrations to coaxing comedians onto (and off) stage has given me a ridiculously good understanding of planning, logistics and why the excel spreadsheet is my favourite weapon of choice. 

A few years ago and I decided that the event world will survive without me but the many, many interiors out there may not. And so here we are....some courses, steep learning curves and successful and well received projects later - Amy Shirlaw Interiors is here to source you the correct height of table or at the very least pop a cushion under your bahookie so you won't have to lean too far to pick up your tea.

p.s. if you're feeling intrigued and want to know more you can read my Apartment Therapy home tour feature here

​p.p.s want to read more? Great - I have plenty to say on the  blog

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