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My most popular service, during the two-hour consultation we will talk through your design dilemmas as we walk through your home.


Available to those within the EH postcode, I verbally offer solutions and advice in order to create a definitive design direction. This service could be purchased to help you choose the right paint colours, style a bookcase or completely restructure your home’s floor plan—the opportunities are endless! It’s an intensive and enriching session, which is completely tailored to your unique requirements.

How does it work?

Once you are ready to book in, get in touch by email and I'll send you a calendar with a booking link. Simply check the calendar for a convenient day and time for our session in your home, you can book in and pre-pay. On the day I will turn up with my kitbag ready to go.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Nothing! However you can maximise your time by supplying images, floorplans, ideas either on email, WhatsApp or through the form provided in your booking confirmation. If I know particulars beforehand, I can bring specific samples, etc, and we can get right into the consultancy. Please don’t feel the need to tidy up – there is no judgement and it’s better to see the spaces as they are really used.

What does a typical session look like?

We start by looking at the spaces you want to consider and talk about what our main goals are for the session. Depending on what advice you are looking for we will be measuring, looking at samples, examples, items within your home, and where possible try solutions (I don't mind lifting a sofa or two!) We end the session with advice on how to realistically achieve your goals.

Do I need to take notes during the session?

Nope, I take notes throughout and provide a report that is emailed within a week of our appointment. 

Tell me more about the report?

Your Walk&Talk report is personal to your session, no two look the same as everyone has different needs and wants from the service. It will contain all of our key talking points plus any appropriate examples, visuals, links and measurements that I’ve taken. 

What if I need more help?

Walk&Talk clients can add on follow on time with me (Designer in your Pocket service) and I'm happy to discuss adding an extra hour onto the standard 2hour session if you prefer. 

Do I need to arrange child/pet care?

No need, I’m very pet-positive and happy to work amongst children (I have Disclosure Scotland certification). Ideally you wouldn’t be distracted but life happens I don’t mind working around that.

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