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Do you identify with any of these issues?

• Looking to maximise what you already have and struggling to reconfigure it all

• Not got a clue how much a new bathroom would actually cost

• You know what style you want to achieve but can't figure out how to make that happen

• Scared incase a new interior scheme requires lots of trades coming and going into your home

• Don't know where to find unique, interesting or sustainable pieces

• Idea rich but time poor in order to execute the grand plan in your head

• Have dreams of an insta-worthy maximalist, pattern clashing, marble drenched abode and no idea where to start

• You know what you want but can't visual how it would look in your home


Let me help you. 

The most popular request is for in-person, at home interior advice. This is available as an hourly service where I come to you and we identify the issues, discuss ideal uses and aesthetics and come up with the solutions and plan to make it happen. I come armed with tape measures, sketch pad, colour and fabric swatches and a whole bag of other tricks to help visualise, pull together or re-imagine your space, often solving many interior dilemmas on the spot. 

If you need a more thorough approach, have a look at the Design Concept and Design Plan services.

I also work with clients on specific areas and can provide a bespoke service based on your project needs, such as colour consultancy, furniture sourcing and floor planning. 
Drop me an 
email for a no-obligation quote or chat and let's make your home the lovely place you deserve! 



I get excited when I see interior design enhancing the day-to-day and I'm utterly delighted to do this as my job to help people enjoy, be comforted and feel inspired by their spaces.


Growing up surrounded by art, performance and history (my home town of Edinburgh is responsible for much of this, as well as my degree in History of Art and Museum Studies) has informed a lot of my aesthetic leanings, whilst my background in organising events and festivals - from marketing the world's biggest New Year celebrations, to coaxing comedians on (and off) stage - has given me a ridiculously good understanding of planning, logistics and why Excel Spreadsheets are my weapon of choice!


A few years ago I decided that the event world would survive without me, but the many, many interiors out there may not. And so here we are ... courses, learning curves and successfully completed projects later: Amy Shirlaw Interiors is here to help you with your next interiors project.  


p.s. if you're feeling intrigued and want to know more about me you can read my Apartment Therapy home tour feature here

​p.p.s want to read more? Great - I have plenty to say in my journal



'Amy has transformed our bedroom from a piecemeal jumble of uncoordinated colour and mess, to a tranquil, beautiful space that I adore being in. She listens to your style and aims, and carefully puts things together. The end result is perfect.
‘Amy is a class act. When I first moved into my new house I asked her to come round for an in house consultation. She brings not just creativity and style to interior design, but she is also practical and down to earth.  
‘We owned a 2 bedroom flat which we were looking to sell but it was a bit tired looking! Suddenly we had a smart, attractive flat which was pleasing to the eye, and sold within 2 weeks, over 20 notes of interest and 11 offers!’
‘The idea of offering a remote design process sounded daunting to me at first but it couldn’t have been better. ….Amy was always there offering fresh ideas, new concepts, advice and putting my concerns to rest.’
'Amy has an uncanny ability to listen to our vague ideas and turn them into a range of colours and designs which are unique to us and we are delighted with’



Amy Shirlaw




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